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War and Peace

Title: War and Peace
Original title: Guerra E Pace
Format: 4 x two hours, HD
Starring: Alexander Beyer (GOODBYE LENIN!)
Clemence Poesy
Alessio Boni
Benjamin Sadler (SIDE EFFECTS)
Directed by: Robert Dornhelm (ANNE FRANK, WAR AND PEACE)
Produced by: Lux Vide in co-production with EOS, Pampa Production, Telekanal Rossiya and Grupa Filmowa Baltmedia
Part 1 
Part 2 
Part 3 
Part 4 

War and Peace

One of the greatest love stories of world literature and a panorama of aristocratic life from a glorious period of Russian history: an opulent TV adaptation for the 21st century of Leo Tolstoy's immortal work.

Moscow, 1805. The young Natasha Rostova is fascinated with the married Andrew Bolkonsky. After the Russian and Austrian troops suffer a crippling defeat at the hands of Napoleon in the battle of Austerlitz, Andrew returns home, where his wife dies in childbirth. Andrew falls into a profound depression, which only begins to lighten when Natasha revives his will to live. They become engaged, but then Andrew leaves for Lithuania, where he spends a year. In the meantime, Andre's friend Pierre, an intellectual, is recognized by his father, Count Bezuhov, on his deathbed as his legitimate son and heir. The estate administrator urges his daughter Hélène to marry the now well-to-do Pierre. They do, but their marriage is unhappy. Natasha falls prey to the charms of Hélène's notorious brother Anatole, which leads Andrew to spurn his fiancée. At Natasha's behest, Pierre tries to change Andrew's mind, but his efforts are in vain. Andrew is later seriously wounded in the battle of Borodino. As Moscow is to be turned over to Napoleon, all of the city's citizens are forced to leave. While fleeing the city, Natasha and Andrew meet again, and Andrew grants her his forgiveness shortly before his death. Meanwhile Pierre, who stayed in Moscow to kill Napoleon, is captured and becomes a prisoner of war. And it is in the peasant wisdom of a fellow prisoner that he finds the answers to his questions on the meaning of life. After a fire devastates Moscow, Napoleon is forced to leave Russia in the middle of the winter with his troops. Exhausted by hunger and the freezing cold, his men are easily overwhelmed by the Russians. Pierre manages to flee, and when he meets Natasha again in Moscow, the two realize that they are destined for one another.