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Wendy - Best Friends Forever

Title: Wendy - Best Friends Forever
Original title: Wendy 2 - Freundschaft in Gefahr
Format: 1 x 90 minutes, HD
Starring: Jule Hermann
Nadeshada Brennicke
Jasmin Gerat
Maren Kroymann
Benjamin Sadler (SIDE EFFECTS)
Directed by: Hanno Olderdissen
Produced by: Bantry Bay Productions in co-production with Deutsche Columbia Pictures Filmproduktion
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Wendy - Best Friends Forever

True friendship can overcome any obstacle.

Wendy has been living happily at Rosenborg stables for a year. Yet the financial situation of the estate is dire. As Wendy learns about a tournament organized by the near-by modern riding stable, she decides she has to win! With the prize money she might be able to save Rosenborg. But her trained circus horse Dixie is not a jumper and sure doesn't feel like changing careers. When a traumatized tournament horse called Penny arrives at Rosenborg, Wendy immediately recognizes her potential, even though she is scared of jumping. Now Dixie starts to feel neglected and Wendy faces a tall order; she has to save her friendship with Dixie while helping Penny to overcome her fear and win the competition!