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Wild Roses

Title: Wild Roses
Original title: Wild Roses
Format: 13 x one hour, HD
Starring: Steve Byers
Michelle Harrison
Gary Hudson
Kim Huffman
Amy Lalonde
Adam MacDonald
Sarah Power (WILD ROSES)
Claire Stone
Directed by: Michael DeCarlo
Gary Harvey
Don McBrearty
Produced by: Produced by Seven24 Films and Northwood Productions
Episode 1 

Wild Roses

The Henry family and the McGregor family may be neighbours, but they live on different sides of the new West – united by love, but divided by greed.

Welcome to the new West! Where overnight oil millionaires with Porsches and over-the-top mansions butt up against the salt-of-the-earth cattle and rodeo country. It's a place where fortunes are made in the tar sands at noon, and lost on poker tables at night.
It's been two years since the death of her husband, and against all odds, Maggie Henry (48) and her daughters Kate (26) and Charlotte (15) have managed to run their beloved Rivercross Ranch on their own. It hasn't been easy, but with business-minded Kate taking the lead, it looks like they have a good chance of succeeding. The return of black sheep daughter Lucy (23), a free-spirited dreamer who left home for the city years before, reopens old wounds. And with adopted teen daughter Charlotte always good for a dramatic outburst, Maggie Henry has her hands full keeping her family under control.
The McGregors are the closest neighbors of the Henrys, and the head of the family is David McGregor (53), a wealthy, powerful oilman and rancher. When he tries to take the Henrys' land, the women are shocked because David is an old family friend whose life is closely interwoven with theirs. Years ago, David's father had left a large part of his property to Maggie's husband - and now David wants it back. Complicating matters further is the fact that David has long been in love with Maggie, and Kate and Lucy are both closely connected to David's sons Will (29) and Peter (27). Although David likes to see himself as figure of authority, he's in for a sobering experience when his sons begin to challenge him...
While David has the farm prospected for oil, Kate tries to save Rivercross by competing in rodeos, raising cattle and developing the horse business. The results of the prospecting increase the tension between the two families, who clash not only at Rivercross, but also in the gleaming glass towers and chic restaurants of the big city. Yet the romantic relationships between the Henrys and the McGregors continue to thrive - as well as the intrigues spun by the beautiful but spoiled Rebecca McGregor.
The Henrys and the McGregors may be neighbors, but they live on different sides of the new West - united by love, but divided by greed.