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Winter Castle

Title: Winter Castle
Original title: Winter Castle
Format: two hours, HD
Kevin McGarry (HEARTLAND)
Meghan Heffern
Habree Larratt
Melanie Mullen
Directed by: Marita Grabiak
M.J. Grabiak
Produced by: Johnson Production Group for The Hallmark Channel
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Winter Castle

Destination: Wedding

Jenny is thrilled when her sister Meg decides to hold her winter wedding at an ice hotel! And Meg is keen to hook Jenny up with the best man Craig, widower and single dad. Jenny is instantly taken with him and his sweet daughter Sara. The attraction is mutual and could have a chance, were it not for Lana, Craig's plus one. Although just good friends, Lana hopes for something more. She seems immune to the ice castle's magic, while Jenny is captivated and enjoys it to the fullest. Between their shared joy in the surroundings and their duties as bridesmaid and best man, Jenny and Craig are constantly thrown together. The fire is kindled and hearts are melting. Is there a chance of love for the bridesmaid and the best man?