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Winter of Love

Title: Winter of Love
Original title: Winter of Love
Format: two hours, HD
Starring: Leah Renee
Niall Matter (EUREKA)
Michael Teigen
Valin Shinyei
Directed by: Christie Will
Produced by: Snowing Productions Inc for UPTV U.S.
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Winter of Love

Sometimes you slip and fall … in love.

Claire Benton is a famous up-and-coming figure skater who wants nothing more than to succeed. But when she is injured in a training session, she is forced to take a break from her rigid schedule. Now she fears she will not be ready for her next competition. During rehab in Canada, she meets Luke, a single father and former professional hockey player. He himself was forced to retire early but seems fine with it, spending his time raising his daughter while running a local shop. The two grow closer and both of them learn that something is missing from their lives… But how can Claire balance a demanding career with her new-found love?