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Title: Wishlist
Original title: Wishlist
Format: 22 x 8-24 min
Starring: Vita Tepel
Michael Glantschnig
Nele Schepe
Yung Ngo
Marcel Becker-Neu
Yvonne Yung Hee Bormann
Directed by: Marc Schießer
Produced by: Outside the Club in co-production with Radio Bremen and MDR Sputnik for funk
Epsiode 1 
Epsiode 3 
Epsiode 9 


Mira and her oddly-assorted group are drawn together by Wishlist, a lit new App. It promises to grant your every wish! Just one tiny snag: you HAVE to perform the task it sets you. But they soon learn, they gotta be careful what they wish for!

How far would you go to make a wish come true? Mira and her oddly-assorted group, Casper: introvert, Janina: airhead, Kim: wired, and Dustin; timid, despite his flashy car are drawn together by Wishlist, an amazing new app which has suddenly appeared on their smartphones. Wishlist promises to grant your every wish! Just one tiny catch: you have to perform the task it sets you. Although it all starts innocently enough, the group soon discovers that their wishes are having unexpected consequences… People are getting fired, discredited, robbed, attacked, abducted and even killed. What is Wishlist? Who is behind it? And what does it want? The closer they get to the answer, the more dangerous things become. The app is spreading like wildfire and Mira and her group are soon targets for thousands of Wishlist users, all ready to do whatever it takes - even murder – to make their wish come true. Who can they trust? They can only count on each other… United in their goal to solve the mystery of Wishlist – and destroy it – they have to risk everything.