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Woman at the Peak

Title: Woman at the Peak
Original title: Ženská na vrcholu
Format: two hours, HD
Starring: Jana Preissova
Martin Dejdar
Anna Polivkova
Marek Nemec
Directed by: Lenka Kny
Produced by: BLUETIME in co-production with InVestito and Art4
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Woman at the Peak

Two worlds collide when Helena wants to take her son on a fancy Christmas trip but ends up in a remote mountain lodge with the grumpy loner Richard and his family.
A heartwarming comedy set against the stunning backdrop of a beautiful high mountain range.

Helena, a quirky, single mom and city slicker, just wanted to spend a nice Christmas vacation with her 8-year-old son Nickie in mountain resort. But due to a mix-up, they ends up in a remote mountain lodge. It is owned by grumpy loner Richard, who lives there with his daughter Suzy and his womanizing brother Mike. Soon, Helena finds herself caught between the Mike's advances and Suzy's jealousy, who perceives them as intruders of their lonely mountain idyll. And with the luxuries of city life missing, things don't get any easier! And while Helena just wants to spread some Christmas cheer, it really doesn't help that Richard hates the holidays. But as they are all cooped up together, Helena soon learns that love can be found in the most unexpected places…