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Woman on the Edge

Title: Woman on the Edge
Original title: Woman on the Edge
Format: two hours, HD
Starring: Sarah Butler (GREY'S ANATOMY)
Peter Benson
Madelyn Grace
Brendon Zub
Lucia Walters
Directed by: Troy A. Scott
Produced by: Johnson Production Group in association with Novus Ordo Seclorum Prod
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Woman on the Edge

When Karen is haunted by visions of her killing a young woman, she soon discovers that her psychiatrist husband has hypnotized her to hide his own role in the murder. Now she must run from the law and prove her innocence.

When Karen has a nightmare about the violent death of a young woman she's never met, she asks her husband Otto for help. As a psychiatrist, he tries to hypnotize her in order to solve the mystery. This vision was more than a dream – did Karen really murder the girl? When her dead body is found in their backyard, Karen is faced with life in prison. On the run from the police, she regains her memory. Turns out, Otto was having an affair with the girl, killed her and hypnotized his own wife as to cover up the crime. But who would believe her? Realizing just how dangerous her own husband is, Karen fears her daughter might be his next victim. Now, she doesn't only have to prove her innocence, but also get to her daughter in time…