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Yes I Can!

Title: Yes I Can!
Original title: Yes I Can!
Format: 47 x 9 min, HD
Starring: N.N.
Directed by: Eva Westvik
Produced by: NRK Super
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Yes I Can!

Kids become the hero of their own story

"Yes, I Can" is a series of documentaries for children in preschool and elementary school. The episodes highlight the exciting adventures of children's everyday challenges. The range of tasks is truly broad, whether it's a boy camping outdoors with his dad and overcoming his fear of the cold and the dark; a girl who helps her grandfather when his sheep gives birth to lambs, and even helps deliver the baby lamb; or a young fellow who steadfastly refuses to move to another neighbourhood with his family since he's afraid of losing his friends and not finding new ones. The aim is to inspire children to achieve their goals by having faith in their own abilities.