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MIPTV 2017

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Every Revolution has its Price

The Light of Hope

“When there is great suffering, you don't ask questions. You help…”

Hotel Sacher

Luxury. Privacy. Secrecy.

Shades of Guilt

Can justice be truly blind?

Based on the short stories "Guilt" by Ferdinand von Schirach

Red Bracelets

The German version of the Spanish / Catalan mega success series.

Professor T.

Murder and Crime in Flanders - the iconic lead.
From the producers, of the international successful series SALAMANDER.

Professor T. - German Remake

One iconic lead – three different takes with their own individual charm.

Professor T. - French Remake

One iconic lead – three different takes with their own individual charm.

Inspector Dupin

Innocent or guilty, and unpredictable as the sea

Murder by the Lake

Borders won't stop the blood


Murderous Mountain Mysteries

Rita and the Beast

An impossible friendship?

The Fox

In the service of a vanished land

Box 27

Home is when you call it home

Your Children

Who can hate this much?

Hush Little Baby

Mama loves you and so do I

Place Of Shelter

Your son is mine

Mother. Daughter. Killer.

The Blood of the Golden Island


Lies are the only way out

The King's Choice

Erik Poppe's commanding take on the true events that turned a brave man into the people's king

Cold Hell

Vienna. A young woman witnesses a brutal murder. The offender seems to be a crazed serial killer, inspired by Islam. A life-and-death struggle ensues...

Clair obscur

A sensual, psychological dance of two women who are deprived of their right to discover themselves and to love and be loved in a relationship of their choosing, in a country torn between modernity and tradition.

Blessed Benefit

Ahmad gets tangled up in an unfortunate business deal that lands him in prison. But life in prison might not be that bad.

Scarred Hearts

Based on Max Bluecher's autobiographical novel;
Considered by worldwide critics "a masterpice" or "lost classic"

Layla M.

18-year-old Layla, a Dutch girl with Moroccan roots joins a group of radical Muslims. She encounters a world that nurtures her ideas initially, but finally confronts her with an impossible choice.

Text for you

A romantic dramedy about a woman sending texts to her late fiancé and finding new love where she didn't expect to.

Too hard to handle

A tragicomedy about love, life and therapy in Berlin - like a Woody Allen in high spirits.

Vincent and the End of the World

The audience darling of this year's Piazza Grande -
From the Makers of “MOSCOW, BELGIUM”.

The Legend of Timm Thaler or the Boy who sold his Laughter

Based on the Young Adult Fiction by James Krüss.

Wendy - The Movie

A team above all – giving you the wings you need

Conni & Co.

Based on the best-selling children's book series "Conni"

Bibi & Tina - Perfect Pandemonium

The inventive live-action adaption of teen-adventure and romance in the beloved Bibi & Tina universe from profilic maverick filmmaker Detlev Buck

Shiverstone Castle

Based on the bestselling children's book series by Oliver Hassencamp

Rico, Oskar and the Mysterious Stone

Based on the best-selling children's book

The Day My Father Became A Bush

Based on the international bestseller by award-winning author Joke van Leeuwen.

3 Friends

Two's company, three's a party!


The last chance to get it right!