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MIPTV 2018

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Medici: The Magnificent

The Art of Revolution

Cacciatore - The Hunter

Once upon a time in Sicily – a true story.

Fariña – Snow on the Atlantic / Cocaine Coast

The new series by the makers of „Grand Hotel“ and „Under Suspicion“
Based on true events and characters

The Typist

Her Own Kind of Justice.

54 Hours

In the unbearable August heat

Pagan Peak

Some rituals are better left in the past…


Making a splash in Naples

For Heaven's Sake

And they thought they were going to Rome just to see the Pope

Professor T. - German Remake

One iconic lead – three different takes with their own individual charm.

House of Bond

The bigger they dream – the harder they fall

Private Banking

When Money Talks

River of Life

Each journey a tale of love, adventure and personal discovery.

Inspector Dupin

Innocent or guilty, and unpredictable as the sea

Money. Murder. Zurich.

Leave your integrity at the border.

The Mountain's Whisper

He might miss the target but he never fails to nail the criminals.

Split Homicide

Murder is never just a simple affair.

Summer of '44

A lost generation.

Erik & Erika

The true story of the man who became a female world champion.

Two Soldiers

Two fates - two kinds of war


Locked away for knowing too much

The Perfect Match

How far will she go to save her son's life?

The Mistletoe Inn

Based on the bestselling novel by Richard Paul Evans. Starring Alicia Witt (TWIN PEAKS) and David Alpay (THE VAMPIRE DIARIES).

Romance at Reindeer Lodge

Christmas in Jamaica.

Winter of Love

Sometimes you slip and fall … in love.

With Love, Christmas

A holiday crash course.

ChiX - Back on Stage!

When life throws you lemons, get the band back together.

The Unbearable Absurdity of Murder

A million reasons to kill you wife.




Love is a dance to the rhythm of your heart.

Forwards Ever!

A comedy of errors set on the eve of the collapse of the GDR.

The Garden

Winning Best Director and Producer at German Cinema New Talents Awards, this leisurely feature unfolds like a warm day but bites like a sudden burst of sunlight.

Godless Youth

In a dystopian, performance-oriented society, adolescents struggle for good grades while their dreams are shattered by an indifferent system.


They found a man, but not his story.

The Invisibles

Based on their life stories: Four young Jews survive the Nazi Terror in Berlin by becoming invisible in plain sight


Two women trapped in a safehouse where nothing is safe and no one can be trusted.
Based on “The Link” by Shulamit Hareven

Soldiers. Story from Ferentari

A contemporary love story set in the most notorious outcast neighborhood of Bucharest.

What Will People Say

An emotional and topical story about love, social control and a young girl finding her own way between Norway and Pakistan.

High Society

You can't choose your family – or can you?


Home is where your friends are.
Prix Jeunesse International finalist 2018

Shiverstone Castle 2

Based on the bestselling book series.

Wendy - Best Friends Forever

True friendship can overcome any obstacle.