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Title: Velvet
Genre: Drama
Category: Series

Season 1: 16 x 70 min
Season 2: 13 x 70 min
Season 3: 15 x 70 min
Season 4: 11 x 70 min

Starring: Paula Echevarría
Miguel Angel Silvestre
Aitana Sánchez-Gijón
Natalia Millán
Pepe Sacristán
Miriam Giovanelli
Cecilia Freire
Adrián Lastra
Marta Hazas
Directed by: Carlos Sedes
David Pinillos
Produced by: bambu producciones for Antena 3

PRODUCTION NOTES by Ramón Campos (Producer)

The original idea of VELVET was born with the intention to narrate one of the most important moments in fashion history: the transition from haute couture to prêt-à-porter. This historic moment allows us to speak of a world in which there were those who loved fashion as art, great designers, who believed that fashion had to be democratized and be available for all.

With these principles in mind we began to create the GALERÍAS VELVET, a luxury establishment in Madrid in the late fifties. As inspiration for its creation we thought of the Galeries Lafayete, the El Encanto de Cuba stores, the great couture houses such as Balenciaga or Pertegaz... and visually of Art Deco which we encountered in the lobby of the Chrysler Building in New York.  Velvet is a unique place, starring the great love story of the heir and one of the seamstresses. A classic tale tinged with romantic melodrama and at times some comedy, for which we needed two lead actors such as Paula Echevarría and Miguel Angel Silvestre. Without them VELVET could not exist, because above all it is a story of characters. A story in which the modern collides with the classical in a dilemma that over time repeats itself again and again turning VELVET into a modern series of the era.