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World War II Collection

The Bridge

Oscar-nominated and Golden Globe winning Anti-War Classic


International Awards winning espionage thriller based on true events

Death is my trade

German Film Award in Silver

The Devil strikes at night

A vintage serial killer thriller - Best direction award at Karlovy Vary and Oscar nomination 1958

The Devil's General

German Film Award in Silver for Marianne Koch

Do you want to live forever?

Critically acclaimed gripping epic about the turning point of WWII in Stalingrad


Based on the book INSIDE HITLER'S BUNKER by Joachim Fest and
UNTIL THE FINAL HOUR by Traudl Junge and Melissa Müller

Generation War

Five friends besieged by twisted ideologies and raw violence.

Lili Marleen

One of Fassbinder's greatest commercial successes

March of Millions

A flight from horror... A journey into uncertainty... A trek towards a new life...
The story of an unparalleled mass exodus that cost untold lives and displaced 12 million people


“We're soldiers. We have nothing to do with politics.” (Rommel)

Inspired by the tumultuous events in the last seven months of Field Marshal Rommel's life, a controversial film that casts a new light on a popular wartime figure. Starring Ulrick Tukur (THE LIVES OF OTHERS)

Rommel calls Cairo

War thriller set against Rommel's Africa campaign

Those Days

Seven episodes