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Paramount Collection


To control the air is to rule the world.

Alien Fury

A false threat, a real attack. Earth is now about to face the consequences.

At Any Cost

They want to play music, but the music business plays with them

Avalon: Beyond The Abyss

Science vs. a 5000-year-old Mayan myth


One third tactless. One third rude. Three thirds loveable!

Code Name Phoenix

She arose from the ashes to save humanity.

The Defenders 3: Taking The First

Can a message of hate be considered free speech?

Dream House

In the home of the future a computer keeps everything clean, organized and efficient. Things are about to get messy...

Escape From Mars

It took courage to go to Mars, but will that be enough to get them back?

The Fury Within

Her rage gave birth to an evil that her love could not control.

The Last Man On Planet Earth

A biological war wiped out the men......but not the aggression.

Level Nine

Fighting high-tech crime with high-end technology

Max Knight: Ultra Spy

A cool, brilliant cyber-master meets his ultimate nemesis.

Meat Loaf: To Hell and Back

A monumental voice. A wounded heart.

Operation Sandman: Warriors In Hell

With their sleep taken away, only their nightmares remained.

Roswell: The Aliens Attack!

He came from another planet to destroy Earth - not to fall in love.

Sabrina Down Under

Why ride a broomstick when I can ride a dolphin!

Sabrina The Teenage Witch

She casts a spell no one can resist!

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

The odyssey of a colorful crew of Starfleet officers battling internal and external demons in the farest reaches of the galaxy

Star Trek: Voyager

A new chapter opens in Star Trek history...strange new worlds, terrifying new enemies and a million miles of adventures

The Thin Blue Lie

Bad cops. Good reporter. A city about to explode.

Two Of Us

What remains when the music is over…