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Fighting for Justice

Against All Evidence

To save her daughter from the death penalty, a mother takes on the
 American legal system

The Blind Spot

There's nothing he wouldn't do for his daughter...

The Border

In a world divided by fear, they hold the line...

The Disciples

An elite, highly trained force of four to be reckoned with.

On Death Row

She came to write the story of a killer - and leaves with the story of a victim…

Profiling the Criminal Mind

She's a brilliant criminal psychologist - and the new colleague of an elite homicide unit

Saving Innocence

She's overcome her troubled past - but the present holds  another terrifying adventure for her.

Side Effects

One single pill that changed the course of history...

Special Virus Unit

The time is one minute before outbreak

An Unexpected Gift

A brother she never knew changes her life in a way she never imagined