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Great Directors Collection

The Clown and the Führer

A parable of art and power, cruelty and resistance, responsibility and fear


"Miss Magnani is perfect in timing and verve as the very personification of robust femininity." (Variety)

Lili Marleen

One of Fassbinder's greatest commercial successes

The Lives Of Others

Winner of the Foreign Language Oscar 2007!

Ludwig II

Helmut Käutner's gradiose portait of Bavaria's fairy-tale monarch

Niklashausen Journey

"The film shows how and why a revolution fails." (Rainer Werner Fassbinder)

Pioneers in Ingolstadt

In a style reminiscent of Brecht's "epic theater", Fassbinder compellingly shows the rift between the capitalist and the worker.


"...a work which consummately expresses all of the director's tender languor, style, sensitivity, human warmth and tranquil virtuosity." (Le Figaro)


In competition at the Cannes Film Festival - Winner of the Spanish Goya Award for Best Screenplay

Shattered Glass

A broken family. A tragic illness. The will to live...

La Strada

50th Anniversary in 2004


"...a filmic ritual of downfall...the expression of an entirely detached pessimism..." (Süddeutsche Zeitung)