Current Line-Up

The Couple Next Door

The dark wit and heightened style of THE WHITE LOTUS and the burning sexuality of THE AFFAIR mixed with the taut psychological plotlines of British dramas like THE FALL or HAPPY VALLEY.


Multiple Emmy® award winner Frank Doelger presents CONCORDIA – a thought-provoking and increasingly pertinent social-technological thriller, ambivalently exploring surveillance, privacy, and data security.


Based on true events, the sinking of the MS Estonia, one of the deadliest maritime disasters in European history. Not only showing the scale of this unsolved tragedy, the series also finally sheds a light on what really happened by telling the story from different perspectives.

Sisi - Season 3

After the tremendous national and international success, Sisi and Franz will come back for a third season.

Elsa Morante’s La Storia

Based on Elsa Morante’s bestselling novel that is one of the most iconic and critically acclaimed of the 20th century, published in two dozen languages.

I Know Your Soul

A tense drama from award-winning director, writer, and producer Jasmila Žbanic (THE LAST OF US, QUO VADIS, AIDA?).

In Her Car

Shot in war-torn Ukraine, a harrowing story that takes the viewer into the devastating heart of the ongoing crisis. A story told by those living through it.

Something Undone

True crime podcast creator Farid delves into the satanism-related Chaffey family murders of 1989, only to encounter bone-chilling parallels to other unsolved murders from that era.

The Beach

Love and freedom infuse an idyllic commune on the shores of Crete in 1969, until a murder exposes the messy entanglements spurred on by the hippies.

Pagan Peak - Final Season

When a gruesomely staged body is found, propped up on a mountain pass in the Alps close to the German-Austrian border, two detectives are sent to investigate the murder – which turns out to be part of a bigger plan. From the producers of DARK - starring Julia Jentsch (SOPHIE SCHOLL: THE FINAL DAYS), Nicholas Ofczarek (THE TEAM) and Franz Hartwig (DARK)

You Shall Not Lie - Season 2

THE PIER’s Irene Arcos in a dramatic guessing game of fragile truths and hidden lies. From Pau Freixas, co-creator and director of RED BAND SOCIETY.

El Inmortal - Season 2

Inspired by true events and the life of the leader of the ‘Los Miami’ gang. A deep dive into the single-handed shake-up of Madrid’s 1990’s.

Professor T - Season 3

Set against the glorious and prestigious backdrop of Cambridge University, Professor T is a high-end primetime crime series starring Ben Miller, produced for ITV and PBS.

The Hollow

A dead man in Sarajevo’s National Museum and the theft of a holy artifact confront Chief Inspector Edib with both his haunting past and a bleak present of crime and corruption.

The Silence - Season 2

Based on the critically acclaimed books that uncovered human and weapons trafficking throughout Eastern Europe – a true story long kept silent.

Saxon Waters

Despite the seeming calm on the banks of the river Elbe, the precinct’s four police inspectors have their hands full every day – and sometimes navigate themselves in deep waters.

The Last Settlement

An unsparing letter from David, who died far too soon from a terminal illness, confronts the bereaved with bitter truths they must battle now – or one day take to their own graves.

I Am Scrooge

Based on an extraordinary, incredible true story: A department store extortionist fooled an entire nation in late 1980’s Germany and became an international media sensation, labelled as the “DuckTales Bandit” by The New Yorker.

The Divine Madness of Alda Merini

The tragically beautiful biopic about the Italian poetess Alda Merini. From the producer of the multiple Oscar®-winning “Life is Beautiful”.

Inspector Dupin XI - Brittany’s Nights

Tragedy strikes twice, when Kadeg is found critically injured next to his murdered aunt. Now, Dupin must find the culprit without his colleague, who might not survive…

Barcelona Crime

Impulsive Xavi and confident beauty Fina: Barcelona's homicide team dives deep into the heart of the medieval city...

Operation Napoleon

Adapted from a worldwide best-selling novel by Iceland's Master of Crime, Arnaldur Indridason.


Part two of the stylish, 1960s Bond-style crime action, starring international super-stars Giacomo Gianniotti (GREY’S ANATOMY, MARVEL’S AVENGERS) and the Grand Dame of Italian cinema, Monica Bellucci.

Oskar's Dress

A heartwarming story about an overwhelmed father who runs up against his own limits of acceptance with his child’s fundamental search for identity. Told with with courage, honesty, and humorous nuances.

Simply Complicated

A sometimes tragic, often hauntingly serious, yet always heartfelt comedy about a young woman and her desire to have...

When Will It Be Again Like It Never Was Before

A charming, funny, and deeply moving film about growing up in a very special family. Based on an internationally bestselling novel.

Adios Buenos Aires

Charming tragicomic story set admits the political upheaval of the economic crises. From the director of the award-winning...

Let the River Flow

Based on real events that inspired a whole generation of young Norwegians to stand up. A gripping and moving portrayal of the indigenous people's struggle for survival.

One Last Evening

Anxiety, humor, and poignancy resonate across generational and any other borders in this amazingly accomplished and inventive debut.

Dark Satellites

Three stories about the impossibility of love, from the acclaimed director of IN THE AISLES.


One song. Two choices. Three fates.


What happens when two very different girls suddenly become sisters? Kim wants to leave, but Jenny does everything to make her stay. But that's before the fire.

Snowfall - Noah's Wish

‘Tis the season, finally! But when Noah’s mom falls ill again, he has no idea that it’s not only Christmas with her he must save. It’s the whole magical land of Snowfall!

Pumuckl's New Adventures

The little kobold is back! A cult hit for children and those who are kids at heart.

The Campsite

Join the summer holiday fun at the campsite, see old friends, and don’t forget to make new ones!

The Pinchers’ High Voltage Heist

Ture’s parents just never listen. Even though he’s asked them hundreds of times to stop stealing, it’ll take 20,000 volts to get their attention!

Karsten and Petra - The Secret of Atlantis

On vacation in Malta, Karsten and Petra find a mysterious golden ring – but is it really from Atlantis?

New Adventures of Karsten & Petra

Karsten and Petra are best friends. Together with their stuffed animals, Lion Cub and Miss Rabbit, every day is a new adventure.

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