Beta Film on its way to a climate neutral company

Reducing the carbon footprint until 2030: Beta Film is on its way to become a climate neutral company as a founding member of the state-funded project THE CLIMATE NEUTRALS. The company, based in Oberhaching by Munich, obliges itself to reduce the CO2-emissions to follow the sustainability goals of the United Nations. Non-reduceable emissions will have to be compensated via locally based environmental programs.

Beta has already implemented several relevant measures to substantially reduce its carbon footprint. Focusing on the two major areas, heating and electricity, the company’s headquarters are connected to the local geothermal heating system. The electricity supply of the offices is covered by a rooftop photovoltaic facility.

To reduce the carbon footprint caused by transportation, Beta employees are increasingly traveling by train instead of by plane. Employees, who use public transport on their way to the office or to business meetings, get a free public transport ticket, the “49-Euro-Ticket”. This new state-funded offer covers regional public transport in any city or region in Germany.

Due to the high-speed train connections in Germany and within Europe, train rides allow for undisturbed quality time instead of stressful commuting in overcrowded airports. Even long-distance connections like Munich-Cannes have been proven possible.

A group of a dozen colleagues from all departments, “Team Climate”, supports the transition and implementation of new measures. Next steps include the installation of high voltage e-car-chargers on the company premises.

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