Beta stirs up streaming portal rankings troughout Europe

Beta Film productions have been making a name for themselves on various platforms in Europe this year. In Germany, “Faster than Fear” (Rowboat) has managed to secure the top spot for fictional shows on the ARD online platform mediathek with 7.1 million views, closely followed by “Divided we stand” (Gabriela Sperl Produktion) with 6.2 million overall streams. In addition, during the first quarter this year, the Sofia Helin/Kyle MacLachlan starrer “Atlantic Crossing” (Cinenord) managed to attract 4.7 million viewers. Meanwhile, “The Sea Beyond” (Picomedia) continues its stellar run in Italy as the #2 ranked show on Netflix after breaking records on RAIplay. In Belgium and the Netherlands, Beta’s hot seller “Hudson & Rex” (Shaftesbury) is one of the highest rated shows on Disney+ surpassing by far the average viewership on the platform.