Producer/director-duo Sabina Arnold and Züli Aladag found High Fidelity Pictures

Munich, October 12, 2022. Veteran industry duo Sabina Arnold (Irish Crime) and multi-award-winning filmmaker Züli Aladag (NSU – German History X) are founding High Fidelity Pictures, a new production company under the Beta Group umbrella. The filmmakers combine their extensive expertise and years of experience with the aim of producing high-quality fictional series and feature films with national and international focus. Felix Zackor supports as a partner in production service.

High Fidelity Pictures wants to pay special attention to the promotion of young talents on collaborative, appreciative cooperation at eye level, in the spirit of the Writers' room.

Züli Aladag: "With High Fidelity Pictures, my focus is shifting from directing to producing. Of course, I will draw on my 20 years of experience as a filmmaker. Developing extraordinary mini-series, series, and feature films together with talented authors is a great pleasure for me. I am in close contact with the next generation and see their immense creativity and energy. To preserve this and carry it forward is a great incentive for me.”

Sabina Arnold: "With our many years of experience, our respective specific expertise, and shared passion for films, we want to be a production and sparring partner for creatives. We want to accompany them constructively, giving them a lot of freedom and developing a strong, shared vision for our projects."

Felix Zackor: "Our experience and contacts complement each other perfectly and create reliable structures that we can fall back on during production. Of course, the cooperation with Beta Group and ffp is an especially great asset for our projects. In addition, ffp continues to expand its national and international cooperations with other production companies and producers."

Sabina Arnold previously worked at good friends Filmproduktion and ndF as producer, and as Managing Director at the Munich-based production company Construction Film, where she successfully built up their national production arm. Previously, she worked as an editor at ARD Degeto and as a producer at various production companies. As a producer, she was responsible for renowned TV events, various crime series, such as most recently Irish Crime, directed by Züli Aladag, and many series, such as Bonus Family.

Züli Aladag, is a director, screenwriter, and producer. Most recently, he worked for Construction Film with Sabina Arnold, developing high-profile series formats as creator, head writer, and author. Since 2018, he has been a lecturer at the Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg in Ludwigsburg. His feature debut Elephant Heart starring Daniel Brühl (Captain America: Civil War) won the Bavarian Film Awards for Best Newcomer Production and Best Cinematography and was nominated several times for the German Film Award. The much-discussed drama Rage was awarded 15 national and international prizes, including the Adolf Grimme Award in Gold, the Golden Gate Award of the San Francisco Film Festival for Best International Narrative TV Drama, the Special Jury Prize at the Seoul Drama Awards, the Gold Medal of the New York Festivals as well as the Golden Camera. He directed the second part of the TV event limited series NSU - German History X. The trilogy won numerous international awards, including Best Series at SeriesMania 2016, and the German Television Award 2017 for Best Multi-part Series. His IS drama Brüder, which he also co-wrote, was awarded the German Television Award for Best Multi-part Series in 2018.

Felix Zackor is Managing Director of the production service provider and Beta subsidiary film production partner (ffp). Previously, he was co-founder and Managing Director of Dreamtool Entertainment.  As a producer, he was responsible for award-winning TV movies and limited series, such as Turncoat, Sisters, and The Charlemagne, theatrical features such as Little Miss Dolittle, and series such as Blaumacher.