Outstanding Success: Seven Awards for Beta Group at German Television Awards

The Beta Group celebrated a remarkable night at the prestigious German Television Awards, clinching a total of seven trophies. Among the accolades, the standout production The Swarm, which has been captivating audiences around the world, claimed the award for “Best Miniseries”.

Beta Group's Zeitsprung Pictures was honored with “Best Drama Series” and “Best Actress” (Jella Haase) for Kleo. Consistently featured in Netflix's Top 10 list for non-English TV during its debut, this eight-hour series earned high praise from none other than Stephen King, who described it as “a refreshing breath of air.”

Several other Beta Group productions also shone brightly, with the Sommerhaus Serien series The Empress earning recognition in multiple categories. Philip Froissant was awarded “Best Actor”, while Gabriela Reumer (for costume design) and Matthias Müsse (for set design) received the “Best Production Design in Fiction” award.

In addition to these triumphs, Luden (produced by NEUESUPER) earned Tim Kuhn the “Best Camera Fiction” award, and Mark Achterberg was honored as the “Best Entertainment Director” for the Seapoint production Let's Dance. Previously, Beta Group has secured the #1 spot as the most nominated production group.