Nico Hofmann and Beta Film reveal first joint projects

Just a few months after announcing their collaboration, industry veteran and independent producer Nico Hofmann, Beta CEO Jan Mojto, and Beta Film/Intaglio Films executive producer Jan Wünschmann have revealed their first slate of projects. In addition to original developments, the trio secured the rights to several highly acclaimed fictional and biographical novels for adaptation into high-end series aimed for local and international audiences. The first line-up of projects covers iconic personalities and a wide range of universal topics, including the search for one’s identity, resilience, and the fight against societal norms, which resonate across the globe into the present day.
Tilman Lahme's Die Manns – Geschichte einer Familie provides an exceptional basis for a fresh and daring narrative about the famous and fascinating Mann family. Aimed to be produced as a six-part television series set in the 1920s, the story will be told through the eyes of the younger generation, particularly the kindred spirits and eldest siblings Klaus and Erika Mann. The series will explore their restless quest in a world undergoing significant transformation. It was them, who tirelessly sought their places in society, unwavering in their beliefs and unafraid to confront injustice. Chronicling their journey as they seek to carve out their own definitions of life, gender, sexuality, and society, the series will depict their burning radicalism and richly woven tapestry of their relentless pursuits and aspirations.
European Book Prize winner Maxim Leo’s bestselling novel Wo wir zu Hause sind and his latest book Wir werden jung sein offer a timely, profound, and deeply personal exploration of themes such as origin, identity, and social conditions. He contributed significantly with his literary achievement to the cross-generational understanding of German and European history.
In Wo wir zu Hause sind, Leo autobiographically and vividly explores the invisible bonds between generations. For the series adaptation, he’ll be responsible for the scripts to the six-part fictionalized drama. Told through multiple perspectives, the series narrative will depict the true story of a German-Jewish family scattered across the globe while fleeing the Nazi regime. As their children and grandchildren make their way back to Berlin, the narrative will illuminate how the past forges an unbreakable and invisible bond between generations, weaving together threads of history, memory, and identity.
Leo’s latest novel just hit the market: Wir werden jung sein delves into one of the most thrilling and widely discussed topics of our society – the pursuit of eternal youth. Transformed into a light-hearted yet deeply moving and thought-provoking six-part television drama, it will be told through the eyes of five different protagonists experiencing their most turbulent year of their lives as human biological rejuvenation research achieves its first breakthrough. The series will explore the characters’ struggling with fundamental questions, blending humor and seriousness to capture the essence of human hope, longing, and the endeavor to prolong life.
Award-winning journalist Thomas Hüetlin’s soon-to-be-published novel Man lebt sein Leben nur einmal will serve as the foundation for a six-hour drama series about the timeless legend and pioneering feminist: Marlene Dietrich.
Set against the tumultuous backdrop of World War II, this series will weave the extraordinary tale of the Hollywood diva as she searches for light amidst Europe’s darkest hours. It will trace Dietrich’s journey of shattering traditional gender roles and social norms with fearless defiance, captivating her resilience and charisma that made her a symbol of independence and empowerment. Co-written by Hüetlin, the series will explore the life of a woman who redefined the image of womanhood for generations to come, whose unstoppable spirit and timeless allure changed the landscape of cinema and society forever.
Former UFA CEO Nico Hofmann and Beta Film CEO Jan Mojto are connected by half a lifetime of producing: With The Tunnel, the duo pioneered the TV event genre in Germany in the early 2000’s. Two dozen collaborative and international successful television and film productions followed, among them major hits like Generation War, Dresden, The Tower, and The Same Sky.
Dr. Jan Wünschmann is Executive Vice President for Co-Production and Business Affairs at Beta and Managing Director of Intaglio Films (Beta Film/ ZDF Studios). Together with multiple Emmy® winner Frank Doelger, he co-produced award-winning “The Swarm” and the latest Intaglio production, the AI thriller "Concordia".