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Faith Collection

The Bible

The conclusive epics of mankind!
Remastered in HD!

The Bible: Paul of Tarsus

The story of the apostle who spread the teachings of Christ far and wide.

The Bible: The Apocalypse

"It is done. I am the Alpha and the Omega,
the beginning and the end." (Revelation 21:6)

Francesco and the Pope

Framed by the story of 11-year-old Francesco, whose biggest wish is to sing for the Pope in the choir of the Sistine Chapel, the film takes us behind the walls of the Vatican.

Francis of Assisi

Ambassador of the poor and the humble

The Holy Family

A love that defied conventions and embraced a divine mystery

IMPERIUM - Augustus

The First Emperor


Virgin. Mother. Mystery.
Chosen for a fate unlike any other


The obscure face of power


Steering the Church through years of darkness

Pope John Paul I - The Smile of God

His papacy lasted 33 days. His smile will be remembered forever.

Pope John XXIII

He wanted to be an ordinary priest, but he changed the face of the world forever

Saint Augustine

The decline of the Roman empire

Stations of the Cross

STATIONS OF THE CROSS is an indictment and, at the same time, the legend of a saint. It's a story of religion, devotion and radical faith, and the film itself comes along just as radical as the subject matter, telling the story in only 14 fixed-angle long shots.