Beta Film

A leading independent Film & Television group, Beta Film produces, finances and distributes high-end content for the global market, nurturing extensive partnerships spanning from public to private broadcasters, streaming platforms to special interest channels, production companies and top international talent, theatrical and video distributors to major film and TV festivals.


Meet Us

Jun 3 - Jun 6 2024

CONTENT WARSAW - Screenings and conference

Jun 5 - Jun 8 2024

Seriencamp - Germany's first festival dedicated to TV series

Jun 10 - Jun 13 2024

NEM Dubrovnik - CEE's favorite and the biggest TV market with a view

Jun 18 - Jun 21 2024

Conecta Fiction - CONNECT: Industry & Talent | Fiction & Entertainment | Europe & America


No one knows yet what he is looking for when an affluent couple is ambushed by a masked man in their house. Deep in their basement lies a secret that was hidden for decades…