Beta Film’s boutique label BETA KIDS & FAMILY complements its vast and diverse library of content by addressing younger target groups. Long-lasting cooperations with established premium producers and channels guarantee a broad range of high-quality fictional, animated and reality content.

BETA KIDS & FAMILY has been able to build up international brands like SKAM, RUMORS, ANNE WITH AN E, ROD KNOCK, and ALL-ROUND CHAMPION, ready-mades and formats alike. This way, BETA KIDS & FAMILY is true to Beta Film’s mission of delivering quality content produced locally to a global market.

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Program Highlights


One song. Two choices. Three fates.


What happens when two very different girls suddenly become sisters? Kim wants to leave, but Jenny does everything to make her stay. But that's before the fire.

Snowfall - Noah's Wish

‘Tis the season, finally! But when Noah’s mom falls ill again, he has no idea that it’s not only Christmas with her he must save. It’s the whole magical land of Snowfall!

The Pinchers’ High Voltage Heist

Ture’s parents just never listen. Even though he’s asked them hundreds of times to stop stealing, it’ll take 20,000 volts to get their attention!

The Campsite

Join the summer holiday fun at the campsite, see old friends, and don’t forget to make new ones!

Pumuckl's New Adventures

A cult hit for children and those who are kids at heart: Pumuckl has been a staple in the lives of Germans for many decades. Now, the little kobold is back!

Oskar's Dress

A heartwarming story about an overwhelmed father who runs up against his own limits of acceptance with his child’s fundamental search for identity. Told with with courage, honesty, and humorous nuances.

Karsten and Petra - The Secret of Atlantis

On vacation in Malta, Karsten and Petra find a mysterious golden ring – but is it really from Atlantis?

New Adventures of Karsten & Petra

Karsten and Petra are best friends. Together with their stuffed animals, Lion Cub and Miss Rabbit, every day is a new adventure.

Laura's Star

A new, magical live-action adaptation of the popular children's books – 16 million copies sold, translated into 28 languages – following in the footsteps of E.T.

Saving the Fucking Planet

Daniel and Elin are two young, star-crossed lovers on the opposite side of an issue: the climate crisis. But will their love prevail despite their differences?

Rod Knock

Won 7 Gullruten Awards (“Norwegian Emmy”), including Best Drama Series, Best Director, Best Script, Best Actor and Best Supporting Actor.

Talking Heads

A reality show that is as real as it gets.

All-Round Champion

A feel-good reality series featuring North America’s most decorated young athletes who learn each other’s sports and compete against each other in them. Who will be the All-round Champion in the end?


A year filled with secrets, gossip, and big emotions kicks off for the local 10th graders, when bullying victim Erik moves to the island.

Totally Meshugge?!

Pre-teens Benny, Charly and Hamid are besties. As their school’s misfits they always have each others’ backs… until the day Benny learns that he is Jewish.

Camp Newton

The science nerds from Camp Newton may be top of the notch when it comes to flying drones. But will the kids get their stranded alien friend Hoshi’s UFO into the air?

Journey to Yourland

When a mysterious shining stone calls 10-year-old Riki for help, he embarks on a mission to save a fantastic universe from certain doom – and proves that a good heart goes a long way.

The Postman from Space

Bob is not a mailman like any other, but really, he’s quite ordinary!

The Pinchers' Unholy Christmas

Ture doesn’t care what he gets for Christmas – as long as there’s a receipt!

Immenhof - The Promise

Lou has to hide racing horse Cagliostro after he is poisoned. When she finds refuge, Lou makes a promise: the horse will never have to take part in a race again…But that is not what its owner has in mind!

Lena & Benedict

A great adventure begins, when eleven-year-old year orphan Lena starts living with her only existing relative: Benedict, a hairy, six-foot-tall gorilla!

Hui Buh and the Witch's Castle

A clumsy castle ghost and a broke king embark on an adventurous journey to save the spook’s niece and sister from an evil witch.


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