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Movie Cycle Collection


The Gentleman Detective

Amsterdam Undercover

Where everybody's got something to hide. Even the cops.

At Home in the Mountains

Old scars, new emotions, fresh turbulence

Barcelona Crime

A sunny backdrop for dark intentions.

Berlin Files

A close-knit team of do-or-die cops hits the streets to wipe out organized crime

The Bible

The conclusive epics of mankind!
Remastered in HD!

Big Ben

Always an audience favorite on German-speaking TV!

Brock - The Anatomy of Evil

A passionate explorer of the deranged mind


Souls in Darkness

The Fox

In the service of a vanished land

Inspector Dupin

Innocent or guilty, and unpredictable as the sea

Kiss the Chef!

Love doesn't always stick to the recipe.


Murderous Mountain Mysteries

Money. Murder. Zurich.

Leave your integrity at the border.

Murder by the Lake

Borders won't stop the blood

Journey to Destiny

Sometimes you have to go a long way to find yourself.

Reporter at Large

He lends weight to the theory that bigger is better.

Rita and the Beast

An impossible friendship?

River of Life

Each journey a tale of love, adventure and personal discovery.

Sara Stein

Sometimes your common ground is crime...

Split Homicide

Murder is never just a simple affair.

The Mountain's Whisper

He might miss the target but he never fails to nail the criminals.

The Reverend

In Hamburg's most notorious district, there's one island of peace