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Beta Film picks up Berlinale Co-Pro Series-entry “Big Bones”


Feb 12 2019

Munich, 12 February 2019. Beta Film takes world sales of Berlinale Co-Pro Series-entry “Big Bones”, a co-production of Austria’s Satel Film and Superfilm. The gritty, big-budget crime show, set in post-war Vienna, is based on the bestselling novel by David Schalko (“M – A City Hunts a Murderer”) and circles around four small-time crooks whose experience under the Nazi regime turns them into major criminals. Schalko heads the project as showrunner and producer alongside with Heinrich Ambrosch (Satel Film) and Superfilm’s John Lueftner.

Big Bones central figures are a group of friends, who struggle to get by as thieves and robbers. Caught by the Nazis, they end up in a concentration camp where they soon rise to the post of overseers, the henchmen of the guards. The four become experts in brutality and build a network for when the war is over. During occupation and the Cold War, they establish a monopoly of crime, dividing up Vienna between themselves just as the Allies have done.

Heinrich Ambrosch and John Lueftner: “Once upon a time... in Vienna. Big Bones is a fascinating and unique gangster tale inspired by true events and characters. From “Anschluss” to the roaring 60ies. We’ll turn a great novel into an outstanding series.”

Moritz von Kruedener, managing director Beta Film: „The novel of David Schalko set in post-war Vienna is a multi-faceted basis to combine best crime and gangster series traditions with modern story telling. We are looking forward to partnering again with Superfilm together with Satel on this high-end drama series.”


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