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Italian fans are loyal to “Rossella”


Nov 13 2013

Munich, 13 Nov 2013. The stunning drama series Rossella can rely on its Italian fans: The second season on RAI UNO (24xone hour) has increased its ratings within the first three episodes from 3.8 to 4.4 million viewers, winning the prime time on two consecutive nights. The sprawling saga of a woman who fights for her freedom is set in late 19th-century Genoa. Rossella, daughter of a nobleman, has fallen in love with the rakish, ambitious journalist Giuliano, who is rejected by her family. She runs away with him, but is soon left alone with their child... Determined to earn her own living, Rossella studies medicine and becomes a physician. Starring Gabriella Pession, Danilo Brugia and Giuseppe Zeno, Rossella is producedrosse by RAI Fiction and Cattleya.