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European Rollout: Norwegian Teen Hit “Shame” commissioned in five countries


Oct 15 2017

Munich/Oslo, 15 October 2017. The NRK teen hit Shame starts its rollout throughout Europe. From applicants of all over the continent, Germany, Spain, Italy, France and the Netherlands get the chance to repeat the unprecedented success of the series in their local markets. All partners are going straight to commissioning the series. Over four seasons, the unique, multi-awarded blog-style series has drawn millions of teenagers in Norway and around the globe into the lives of a group of teenage girls and boys, following their day-to-day struggle in real time on their mobile phones.

Preproduction is running full speed throughout Europe with Banijay Studios France preparing scripts in partnership with France Télévisions for production in 2017, and Bantry Bay working for Germany’s ZDF/funk. Movistar+ is developing the Spanish remake whilst in the Netherlands the show will be produced by NTR and broadcasted by NRT/NPO. Rome-based Cross Productions partners with Italian media house TIMVISION, with shooting planned to start this year in the eternal city. All the partners were hand-picked by NRK’s executives and Beta to ensure the level of authenticity of the remakes which is seen as the key to the enormous success of the show within the target group.

CEO Thor Gjermund Eriksen: “Our mission is to create the best content possible for our Norwegian audience. At the same time, we are very excited about the tremendous interest that SKAM/Shame has generated outside of Norway. The creators of SKAM aimed to help 16-year-old-girls, strengthen their self-esteem through dismantling taboos, making them aware of interpersonal mechanisms and showing them the benefits of confronting their fears. This is a vision we are proud to bring to other countries. SKAM has been an adventure. And it's about to become even bigger as teens in Germany, Spain, Netherlands, Italy and France now are getting their own versions of SKAM. NRKs goal is to be a world-class publisher and content producer. And I believe it is safe to say that we have accomplished this with SKAM.”

Beta Film’s Justus Riesenkampff: “Shame is an absolutely unique, highly authentic program, which zigzags between web and traditional TV. Its ability to connect to the young target group fascinates broadcasters and platforms all over the world. For us at Beta it is great fun to work with NRK on this show and on much more from NRK’s and NRK Super’s truly exceptional line-up.”

Shame follows a group of teenagers throughout their high school days and party nights. The series tracks the girls and boys through their heartbreaks and all the challenges young people face as they start the final stage before finally entering adulthood. The authenticity, based on well-conducted, carefully researched scripts, made the fictional characters Eva, Chris, Sana, Vilde, Isak and Noora celebrities not only in Norway but via web also internationally.

The story takes place in real time and is published through the web-specific storytelling elements, texts, images, and grabs, as well as live-action drama scenes. It runs daily online on its exclusive website in the style of a blog. When something occurs in the story, the clip goes live at the same time as it happens for the characters – even in the middle of the night. The different storylines are wrapped in a weekly webcast and on TV.

Shame is produced by NRK and written and directed by Julie Andem. NRK and Beta Film hold the international rights for the format.



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