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Beta's summer programming scores high in Italy


Sep 02 2020

Beta's summer programming, including a number of US and European titles, have celebrated great market shares in Italy. Audiences flocked to the American romantic drama Falling for Vermont (Hallmark Channel), which was watched by 2.2 million viewers (13%) during primetime on RAI1. The German box-office hit Immenhof – The Adventure of a Summer about three sisters struggling to rescue their horse farm, premiered at second primetime on RAI1 with the very good result of one million viewers (9.9% market share).
The Lifetime thriller Paradise Prey celebrated its primetime premiere with 1.1 million viewers on RAI2 (7.6% market share), significantly above the U.S. ratings.
Telling the story of an immigrant child adopted by a married couple, the French drama A Fragile Bond captivated 1.2 million viewers (6% primetime market share) on RAI3.
Hudson & Rex, the very successful Canadian remake of legendary "Rex, a Cop's Best Friend", builds on a strong Italian fan base, gathering up to 827.000 viewers (over 5% market share) in front of TV screens. Hudson & Rex, with its third season already in production, circles around the handsome detective Charlie Hudson (John Reardon) and his even better looking dog Rex.
The original "Rex, a Cop's Best Friend" is back on Italian TV with the re-run of its first season, which was watched on Rai3 by over 520.000 viewers (almost 5% daytime market share).
The Pleasure Principle, a crime series about a string of murders in three Eastern European cities, aired on RAI4 with 246.000 viewers and a 1.5% market share.