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Beta snaps 20 German Film Award Nominations


May 07 2015

Munich, 7 May 2015. For this year’s German Film Award, Beta snaps 20 nominations, among them three candidates for Best Film and both nominations for the Best Family Entertainment Film. The most successful feature was Oliver Hirschbiegel’s 13 Minutes with seven nominations alone.

Labyrinth of Lies, which runs currently with big success in France, We Are Young, We Are Strong and Jack are on the shortlist of the last five productions for Best Film, whereas the Beta Kids-productions Fiddlesticks by Veit Helmer and Cannes Market Premiere The Pasta Detectives will run as the only nominees for Best Film in the “Children and Youth”-section.

Among the other nominees are Best Lead Actor (Christian Friedel in 13 Minutes), all three entries in the Best Supporting Actor category (Joel Basman/We Are Young, We Are Strong, Burghart Klaussner/13 Minutes, Gert Voss/Labyrinth of Lies), Best Director (Edward Berger for Jack), Best Script (Elisabeth Bartel & Giulio Ricciarelli/Labyrinth of Lies and Edward Berger & Nele Mueller-Stoefen/Jack), Best Camera (Yoshi Heimrath/We Are Young, We Are Strong and Judith Kaufmann/13 Minutes), Best Editing (Sven Budelmann/Stereo and Alexander Dittner/13 Minutes), Best Set Design (Benedikt Herforth, Thomas Stammer/13 Minutes), Best Costume Design (Bettina Marx/13 Minutes), Best Make-Up (Tatjana Krauskopf/13 Minutes) and Best Music (Niki Reiser, Sebastian Pille/Labyrinth of Lies).