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COPPER convinces with sensational ratings


Sep 06 2012

Munich, 6 Sep 2012. The gritty crime series COPPER has convinced over the first three weeks with sensational ratings in the US. Episode one to three glued more than 1,8 million viewers to the tv each night, catapulting COPPER into the status of BBC America’s highest rated series ever. Throughout the media critics praised COPPER as “an impressive piece of work,” (Los Angeles Times) and “a fantastic period drama," (Monsters & Critics). Indiewire reminded viewers to set their DVRs. “There are ten episodes and you won’t want to miss any one of them," stated the outlet. The Wall Street Journal wrote: "[Corcoran] is a police officer who doesn’t play by the rules, but that’s OK because it’s 1864 and there doesn’t seem to be too many of them".  Boston Globe stated “COPPER truly shines”, San Francisco Chronicle said “COPPER makes arresting TV” and CNN praised that the show “… brings 1864 New York to life, grit and all …”
Created and executive produced by Academy Award®-winner Barry Levinson, Emmy®-winner Tom Fontana and Academy Award®-nominee Will Rokos, COPPER is a raw crime drama set in 1860s New York City during the last gasps of the Civil War. The story revolves around Kevin Corcoran, a tough yet decent police detective, who returns from war to find his wife missing and his daughter dead. On a hunt for the truth, Corcoran divides his time between working cases for the City and trying to piece together what happened to his family. Beta Film is the international partner of the show, which is produced by Cineflix (Copper) Inc. in association with BBC AMERICA and Shaw Media.