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3 Friends

Title: 3 Friends
Original title: Tre Venner
Format: 13 x 6 minutes, HD
Starring: Isak Brattgjerd
Mai Bråthen Busso
Ylva Kaarbø
Directed by: Sara Brym
Produced by: NRK Super
Episode 1 
Episode 3 
Episode 5 

3 Friends

Two's company, three's a party!

Six-year-old Lotta moves to a new neighborhood and tries to make new friends. She meets Anna and Elias, who seem to be inseparable. Being the new girl is tough at first - but soon, Lotta is accepted into the gang. After all, she is fun and full of wild ideas.
Lotta lives with her working parents and her 10-year-old big brother, who sometimes gets them in trouble. Anna has to divide her time between her mother's and her father's place – she hates to leave her friends behind for weeks at a time. Grandma lives at her Mom's place, too. She is a great ally to have and a lot of fun to be around. And then, Mom gets a new boyfriend, which is something to get used to, for sure. Elias, who loves animals, lives with his mother. Follow these three best friends on their little adventures full of heart and humor!