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A Murder of Crows

Title: A Murder of Crows
Original title: Der Kommissar und...
Format: 3 x two hours, HD
Starring: Roeland Wiesnekker
Meike Droste
Mark Ben Puch
Michael Schenk
Sara Fazilat
Benno Fürmann (IN DARKNESS)
Lucas Gregorowicz
Directed by: Andreas Senn
Produced by: good friends Filmproduktion for ZDF
Movie Cycle 
Hush little Baby 
Screener 1
Hush little Baby 
Screener 2
Vigilante Justice 

A Murder of Crows

A police inspector tormented by the past, haunted by the present, searches for the truth in the streets of Berlin.

Empathy can be a two-edged sword, especially for Martin. Tormented by the past, haunted by the present, the chief inspector is yet a brilliant investigator and, together with his loyal team, solves the most convoluted cases, where nothing is ever as it seems. From kidnapping to hostage situations, to murder. Unable to eat or sleep until a case is solved, all of them inevitably take their toll, both physically and mentally. If his superior knew he was also on anti-depressants, he'd be suspended. Luckily Martin has the full support of his colleague and lover, criminal psychologist Susanne, who knows all his secrets – although he claims he won't work with a woman he's sleeping with! Ironic, obsessive, astute and perceptive, he is often underestimated by his adversaries – to their ultimate woe…