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Angels and Ornaments

Title: Angels and Ornaments
Original title: Angels and Ornaments
Format: two hours, HD
Starring: Jessalyn Gilsig (VIKINGS, GLEE)
Sergio Di Zio
Graham Abbey
Directed by: Alan Goluboff
Produced by: Chesler/Perlmutter Productions
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Angels and Ornaments

Heaven knows what a little Christmas magic is capable of…

Starring Jessalyn Gilsig (Vikings, Glee)

With all the lights and snow and happy faces, Christmastime in New York can be magical. And for Carrie, who works in her friend Dave's music shop, it really is magical! How else could she suddenly run into a real, live version of a Christmas caroler tree ornament that she has loved for so many years! Though her break-up with her partner Tim has dampened her holiday spirit, Carrie still hopes to fall in love before Christmas. And all of a sudden, she's got three men courting her: her ex-boyfriend Tim, her friend Dave and Harold, the man on the tree ornament. Carrie's life turns chaotic with these three very different men. Luckily, Harold seems to have been sent from heaven to finally put some order into Carrie's life. An endearingly old-fashioned fellow, he starts to dispense advice on seduction to Dave, and begs Carrie to open her eyes and see who is truly the right man for her. When Dave pens very personal, emotional lyrics to a carol that has a special meaning for Carrie, Harold knows that his mission is over – and that he's truly won his wings!