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At Home in the Mountains

Title: At Home in the Mountains
Original title: Daheim in den Bergen
Format: 10 x two hours, HD
Starring: Theresa Scholze
Catherine Bode
Max Herbrechter
Walter Sittler
Thomas Unger
Directed by: Karola Hattop
Michael Zens
Annette Ernst
Markus Imboden
Produced by: Westside Filmproduktion for ARD Degeto
Guilt and Retribution 
Sisterly Love 
Love's Sorrow 

At Home in the Mountains

A decades-long feud is rekindled when Lisa returns home, determined to reopen old wounds by taking the hostile neighbors to court. But not everyone is so confident of the outcome.

The family feud has gone on for decades. Sebastian cannot forgive his erstwhile friend Lorenz for causing the accidental death of his son. Nor can Lorenz forgive himself. His daughter Lisa has just come home, a lawyer no less, determined to take the feud to court and right an old wrong. Although emotions run high as old wounds are reopened, Sebastian finally seems ready to forgive. Yet conflict is still rife between his sons and Lorenz's daughters. An impulsive one night stand makes Marie question a lifelong hatred, while sparks fly between Lisa and Florian, once childhood sweethearts. Nor are things any less turbulent among their holiday guests, who bring their own family dramas along with them.