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Bermuda Triangle North Sea

Title: Bermuda Triangle North Sea
Original title: Das Bermuda Dreieck in der Nordsee
Format: three hours, HD
Starring: Bettina Zimmermann
Hannes Jaenicke
Karoline Eichhorn
Directed by: Nick Lyon
Produced by: Dreamtool Entertainment GmbH for RTL in association with Beta
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Bermuda Triangle North Sea

Whatever lies at the bottom of the sea can spell instant death

Boats disappear without a trace, wind turbines sink into the sea, sea gulls fall from the sky like stones, thousands of dead fish wash ashore – the North Sea is turning into a murderous trap. From his base on the North Sea island of Wilhelmsand, helicopter pilot Tom Jäger sets out to search for a missing boat, but inexplicably loses control of his chopper and nearly crashes. Hanna, Tom's ex, believes that the legend of the “Witches' Hole” is about to come true: a gigantic hole will open up in the sea and swallow everything close by, including entire coastal towns.

Somehow, the powerful energy corporation G.S. seems to be behind all this. Tom learns more about its plans from Marie, the firm's PR rep who is fired on the spot when she is suspected of passing on top-secret data to an activist group. The “United Green Commando” has smuggled one of its members, Sarah, onto the oil rig operated by G.S.. Marie joins Tom in investigating what the self-proclaimed eco-friendly energy firm is really up to off the coast. But first they must save Sarah, who is caught spying and held prisoner on the rig.

Thanks to the data on a USB stick smuggled off the rig, Tom and Marie discover that, with the government's consent, G.S. is about to pump millions of tons of CO2 into empty gas reservoirs beneath the sea – a plan that could lead to an unimaginable ecological disaster if some of the carbon dioxide escapes. Sure enough, the “United Green Commando” has discovered fissures on the ocean floor... In a race against time, Tom and Marie must save Sarah, warn the population of Wilhelmsand to leave the island, and prevent a catastrophe of apocalyptic proportions.


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