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Bound by Blood

Title: Bound by Blood
Original title: No Soy Como Tu
Format: two hours, HD
Starring: Alberto Ammann
Lucia Martin Abello
Fernando Soto
Alexandra Jiminez
Nicolas Coronado
Directed by: Rómulo Aguillaume
Produced by: Antena 3 de Television S.A
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Bound by Blood

Half vampire. Half human. Torn between good and evil.

Four months have passed since the violent death of Lucía's little brother. Ever since, the 15-year-old has been plagued by feelings of guilt, and tormented by inexplicable voices and noises. Strange physical changes trouble her, and her growing fear of her unknown powers causes her to withdraw more and more from her friends and family. One day a Dr. Jiménez contacts Lucia's mother Sara, urging her to let Lucía be treated at his center. She has a genetic defect, he tells Sara, who listens in horror as Jiménez tells her that he knows Sara's well-guarded secret: Lucía's biological father is a vampire named Ismael.

Lucía is kidnapped by Jiménez' men and taken to his secluded villa, which houses the teens Raúl, Helena, Sergio and Bea. It doesn't take long before Lucía finds out what these youths have in common: they are all “mestizos,” half human and half vampire. Under the guidance of Dr. Jiménez, his assistant Alberto, and the psychologist Letizia, the youths are learning to cope with their special status, and to combat their savage impulses. Lucía soon falls in love with the sensitive Raúl.

The peaceful idyll is soon shattered by the appearance of Ismael, a mighty and sinister vampire who is Lucía's true father. He wants to force her onto the dark side of the vampire world and be next to him for all eternity. Lucía and Raúl band together to mutually strengthen their human side through love, but their endeavor will demand many sacrifices from them. Finally, in an abandoned house in the mountains, a battle between the forces of good and evil will decide their future.