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Bridal Nightmare

Title: Bridal Nightmare
Original title: Bridal Nightmare
Format: two hours, HD
Starring: Karissa Lee Staples (S.W.A.T.)
Tyler Johnson
Krystal Joy Brown
Rachele Brooke Smith
Lisa Ann Walter
Directed by: Jake Helgren
Produced by: The Ninth House for Lifetime
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Bridal Nightmare

Weddings can be murder!

Things seem to go really well for Amber. Not only is business at her dance studio steadily increasing, now she is also planning her wedding. Even though the last bit is a little stressful, she sure enjoys the bachelorette party her girlfriends throw her – they even got hot male strippers for the occasion! While all this is fun, little does she know that one of the dancers, Hunter, has something else in mind when he asks Amber to take up dancing lessons. But when Hunter shows up more and more and starts to interfere with Amber's wedding preparations, it dawns on the bride-to-be that something's up with the guy. Little does she know that the worst is yet to come and Hunter is way more dangerous than Amber suspects…