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Title: Cracked
Original title: Cracked
Format: 21 x one hour, HD
Stephanie von Pfetten (NCIS, BATTLESTAR GALACTICA)
Brooke Nevin (CHICAGO FIRE)
Luisa D'Oliveira
Dayo Ade
Karen LeBlanc
Directed by: Tim Southam (BONES, HOUSE)
Produced by: White Pine Pictures in association with CBC and Group M Entertainment, with the participation of the Canada Media Fund and Cogeco Program Development Fund in association with Beta


Season 1 
Season 2 


SCREENER: Season 1, Episode 1
How the Light Gets In 
SCREENER: Season 1, Episode 4
White Knight 
SCREENER: Season 1, Episode 12
Old Soldiers 
SCREENER: Season 1, Episode 13
The Light in Black 
SCREENER: Season 2
SCREENER: Season 2
The Price 
SCREENER: Season 2
The Valley 
SCREENER: Season 2


The other side of crime

Starring David Sutcliffe (Private Practice, Gilmore Girls) and Brooke Nevin (Chicago Fire), and created by Tracey Forbes (Flashpoint)

Every day when we walk down the street, we encounter people who have lost their moorings. Sometimes they frighten us, sometimes they amuse us, but most of the time we ignore them. Then something snaps, and emotional distress becomes emotional crisis: a bizarre assault, a ritualized murder, a suicide attempt...

One of these cops is Detective-Sergeant Aidan Black, a brilliant homicide inspector who begins to worry his bosses when he's involved in two fatal shootings in the line of duty. Due to his own battle with mental illness, he's transferred to the Psych Crimes Unit, where cops and psychiatrists join forces to prevent and solve crimes involving unbalanced individuals. Aidan is partnered with Dr. Daniella Ridley, the head of the unit, who knows that when psychosis spills over into crime, police and psychiatric professionals who work separately are soon out of their depth.

Aidan and Daniella prove to be a congenial team. It's not just the combination of Aidan's police work and Daniella's psychiatric skills. Aidan's sharpened empathy can put him inside the mindset of a delusional psychotic, while Daniella's methodical attention to detail helps her pick up on clues that others miss. They know they'll be getting deep inside some very troubled minds – but just how far will they go?


  • Beta Film brings star power to Cannes - Hollywood icon Andie MacDowell to present new TV series at MIPCOM

    Munich, 18 September 2013. Beta Film is bringing international star power to Cannes: Hollywood icon Andie MacDowell and award-winning author of "Gomorrah," Roberto Saviano, will be presenting new TV series at MIPCOM, the TV industry trade fair taking place in Cannes from 6 to 10 October.

  • Beta Film presents over 200 brand new series-episodes in Cannes

    This fall, Beta Film is presenting over 200 new episodes of series at the international TV trade fair MipCom in Cannes...

  • Beta’s CRACKED ordered to series

    Munich, 11 Mai 2012. The new North American TV crime series CRACKED has received a 13 episode series green-light by CBC.

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