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Daddy Lion and his happy Kids

Title: Daddy Lion and his happy Kids
Original title: Papa Löwe und seine glücklichen Kinder
Format: 26 x 13 min
Starring: animated characters
Directed by: Martin Otevrel
Produced by: (C) Papa Löwe Filmproduktion GmbH
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Daddy Lion and his happy Kids

Seven lively imaginations lead to marvelous adventures

Keeping his children happy is Daddy Lion's first priority. That's not always easy, as Mommy Lion has a full time job, and his seven loveable rascals are always getting into mischief. Like when they water the houseplants with so much fertilizer that the house turns into a jungle. And seven curious minds are forever coming up with baffling questions like “why doesn't the moon fall down?”

Eager to put what they learn into practice, the kids decide that what's good enough for the French is good enough for them and start their own revolution. They run around shouting “freedom” and “fight,” and their most important demand is that they get to eat with their fingers.

With seven hungry mouths to feed, there's not always enough money to fulfill all their wishes, so Daddy Lion must come up with creative alternatives like building an aqua park in the living room or performing their own play when the TV breaks down.

Although things are sometimes a bit chaotic in the Lion household, the kids learn a lot from their dad, and have a bundle of fun while they're at it!