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Day of Disaster

Title: Day of Disaster
Original title: Tarragona
Format: 2 x two hours
Starring: Tim Bergmann
Sophie von Kessel
Johannes Brandrup
Roeland Wiesnekker
Hanns Zischler (MUNICH)
Emmanuelle Boidron
Sergi Mateu
Directed by: Peter Keglevic
Produced by: Produced by Zeitsprung Entertainment and EOS with backing from Filmstiftung NRW and FFF Bayern for RTL in association with Beta
Part 1 
Part 2 

Day of Disaster

Based on the devastating accident of 1978 near Tarragona, Spain, that left 200 dead and countless injured

It's July, and the sun is beating down on the crowded Spanish campsite. More vacationers are on their way: a young woman, her children and the new man in her life. Also heading towards the camp is a tank truck that happens to be filled with too much highly flammable propylene gas. Soon, the young family has reached the camp, where many other vacationers are enjoying the hottest day of the year. In front of the camp, the truck driver loses control of the vehicle and crashes into the camp site. After a moment of deadly silence - a deafening explosion. All hell breaks loose as the camp burst into flames. For some, it is one long moment of panic, terror and suffering; for others, a test of courage and bravery. People from all nations and walks of life whom fate propels into roles that none has ever wanted to play, be it victim or hero.