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De Gaulle

Title: De Gaulle
Original title: De Gaulle
Format: 6 x one hour & two hours
Starring: Samuel Labarthe
Constance Dolle
Pierre Rochefort
Jean-Louis Tribes
Directed by: François Velle
Produced by: EFFERVESCENCE FICTION in co-production with FRANCE TELEVISION
120' edit 

De Gaulle

Relive 20th century history through the portrait of a statesman as he faces the test of power. French General and President Charles de Gaulle: The private story of the man who shaped a nation he loved.

It is 1940. General Charles de Gaulle sees the leadership of his beloved country giving in under the pressure of the invading Nazis. But this is no option for him – he cannot gamble with the lives of his beloved wife Yvonne, his children, especially sweet innocent Anne. This is the moment he decides to go a different route. Together with British Prime Minister Winston Churchill, he plans to fight. And out of this, a friendship is born that will last long into the future – when de Gaulle will have led Free France to victory against the Nazis.
Everyone knows Charles de Gaulle: General of the Resistance, who refused to give in to defeat; politician, visionary, liberator, peacemaker, strategist, builder of a nation in shambles. But no-one really knows the man behind the hero. Until now.

Press Quotes

We must salute the exceptional and very inspired performance of Samuel Labarthe who plays de Gaulle with great accuracy. (...) Great and beautiful.

Authentic, powerful and captivating, this masterfully written and directed series enters the pantheon of television masterpieces in the same way as Claude Barma's adaptation of "Les Rois maudits" by Maurice Druon.

The care brought to the reconstitution, the meticulousness of the scenario, the fidelity to the events told and known by all, the novelistic spirit and the inhabited score of the main actors make for an excellently produced mini-series with a fascinating story.