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Deadly Visions

Title: Deadly Visions
Original title: Deadly Visions
Format: two hours
Starring: Gordon Currie
Nicolette Sheridian
Directed by: Michael Scott
Produced by: West Coast Pictures in association with Front Street Pictures, Videal and Transplant Productions
Genre: Thriller
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Deadly Visions

Eyewitness to murder...

Ann Culver was a happily married suburban woman expecting her first child when a terrible car accident changed her life. As a result of the crash, Anne loses both her unborn baby and her eyesight. Anne's doctors are fortunately able to find a suitable eye donor and her sight is restored after undergoing a transplant. However, ever since the surgery she suffers from a repeating and terrifying vision: an unknown man hunting her down and trying to kill her.

Despite her husband and psychiatrist's reassurance that she is only suffering from post-traumatic stress, Ann becomes convinced that there is something more behind these deadly visions. She visits her surgeon and pleads for the name of her eye donor so that she might discover the root of her nightmares. The surgeon explains that this is impossible by law. Ann's best friend, Cara, comes up with a different approach: to go instead to the eye bank and search for answers there.

At the eye bank, a fascinated clerk describes the rare phenomenon of “tissue memory” which would explain that Ann is actually witnessing the last visions of her donor's life. He finally provides Ann with her donor's information – her eyes previously belonged to a young mother named Julie Zack.

Ann is shocked discover that Julie's family believes that her death was a murder and not a suicide as was reported by the police. Julie would never have purposely left her young daughter behind. Ann's, still grieving from death of her own unborn child, resigns herself to find the murderer of this orphaned little girl.

Ann tries to reopen the case with information she finds in Julie's diary about a man named Lon who Julie claimed had been stalking her. She visits Detective Costanzo who claims to be unable to help Ann based on her crazy visions and weak information from a diary.

Frustrated, Ann begins her own investigation as an unlikely eyewitness. She works with a psychic named Jasmine to hone her visions and decides to pay Lon a visit. But as her search for the truth behind Julie's death begins to reveal more details, Ann puts herself in grave danger by flushing the true killer out of hiding.

Her own life in the balance, Ann must now rely not just on her sight but also on her intuition in order to end her living nightmare and bring her donor's killer to justice.