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Dummie the Mummy

Title: Dummie the Mummy
Original title: Dummie de Mummie
Format: 1 x 85 minutes, HD
Starring: Julian Ras
Roeland Fernhout
Jennifer Hoffman
Directed by: Pim van Hoeve
Produced by: PVPictures in co-production with Nickelodeon
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Dummie the Mummy

An unlikely friendship is born when timid Gus finds a daredevil Egyptian mummy called Dummie in his bed. But the curse that brought him to life slowly kills him. Can Gus do the impossible to help save his new friend?

Shy eleven-year-old Gus's life is changed irrevocably when he finds an Egyptian mummy in his bed. An actual mummy of an actual young Egyptian prince, brought to life by a lightning bolt that struck his enchanted golden scarab, just as he was being transported to a nearby museum. Darwishi Uratum Msamaki Minkab Ishaq Eboni, or Dummie for short, is almost the exact opposite of Gus: an unrestrained daredevil who knows no fear or pain and is up for anything. An unlikely friendship is born.
As they find a way to have Dummie join Gus at school – posing as his Egyptian nephew, caught in a fire and covered in bandages – Gus worries. Who knows what would happen if anyone found out who Dummie really is! There'd be lab test and experiments and… well, it doesn't bear thinking about. Things escalate when Dummie's magical scarab goes missing and the curse that once brought the mummy to life is now slowly killing him. Can Gus do the impossible to help save his friend?