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Family under Siege

Title: Family under Siege
Original title: Family under Siege
Format: two hours
Starring: Mel Harris (COLD CASE, CSI NEW YORK)
Daniel Baldwin (COLD CASE)
Directed by: Walter Baltzer
Produced by: Videal & Porchlight
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Family under Siege

Things could be better for the Baxter family. Tom Baxter heads up a struggling landscaping business to provide for his wife Fay, teenage daughter Alex and son Nick. Yet things could get much worse, as the family would soon discover.

Late one afternoon while Alex is out, a trio of criminals posing as a construction crew break into the unsuspecting Baxter home, consisting of Alpha, the mastermind with a taste for explosives, Beta, a cunning femme fatale, and Omega, a trigger-happy psychopath. Mysteriously, the perpetrators do no want to rob the family—they are seeking access to the Mead Estate, an empty mansion where Tom does landscaping and knows the security codes to get them in.

Tom is torn from his frightened family and taken to the estate by Beta, while Alpha and the menacing Omega stay behind to terrorize Fay and young Nick. Alex finally comes home to find her mother and brother held hostage and together they plot their escape. While looking for a getaway, Nick uncovers a bomb planted by Alpha in the attic and the family realizes their lives are in grave danger.

Meanwhile, Tom discovers the criminals are looking for a safe hidden within the walls of the Mead Estate. When Alpha joins them to detonate an explosive device to open the safe, they find a fortune in rare gold coins. Soon it becomes clear there is a history between Tom and Alpha, whose father was the owner of the valuable collection and an old family friend of Tom's.

Now, with the criminals in possession of their stolen treasure, the Baxter's recognize there is little time before they are done away with. With a combination of wit and will, the family must figure out a way to disarm the bomb and elude their captors in order to survive.