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Title: Fangs
Original title: Fangs
Format: two hours
Starring: Tracy Nelson
Corbin Bensen
Directed by: Kelly Sandefur
Produced by: Videal & Porchlight
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It's feeding time!

Detective Ally Parks (Tracy Nelson) is called in to examine the mutilated body of Professor Arthur Fuller (Mark Taylor) found dead on the floor and suspects murder. The bloody attacks multiply and the evidence mounts that the lab bats are behind the mysterious deaths. Dr. John Wells (Whip Hubley), the town's veterinarian must partner up with Alley to save the town from the ferocious fangs of these deadly killers.

Fear rises as the town gathers for the annual “Apple Blossom Dance.” John and Ally use their ingenuity to battle the unsuspecting creatures of the night; often finding themselves right on the edge of death. When a swarm of bats swoop through the gymnasium at the dance, chaos breaks loose. John and Ally are able to stop them this time, using tin foil confetti to confuse the bats' radar.

John and Ally are desperate to save the town. Someone must be behind the strange and deadly bat attacks? But who and when will they strike again? And why?