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Felipe and Letizia

Title: Felipe and Letizia
Original title: Felipe y Letizia
Format: two hours
Starring: Amaia Salamanca (VELVET, GRAND HOTEL)
Fernando Gil
Juanjo Puigcorbé
Marisa Paredes
Directed by: Andreu Rebés
Produced by: Telecinco in collaboration with Brutal Media
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Also available as 2 x 70 min miniseries!

Felipe and Letizia

A modern fairy tale - An impossible love!

At a dinner party in Madrid, one of Spain's most prominent TV reporters, Letizia Ortíz, meets the man who will share her destiny: Felipe de Borbón, the heir to the Spanish throne. Long fascinated by the beautiful journalist, Felipe begins courting the woman of his dreams. He knows that the difficulties lying ahead of them are enormous should their relationship become serious: not only is Letizia a modern, independent-minded woman who will not easily fit into a royal mold, but Felipe's parents King Juan Carlos and Queen Sofía categorically do not want a divorced commoner as daughter-in-law and future queen.

Letizia is aware that falling in love with the Crown Prince and becoming the consort of the future King of Spain is a fairy-tale dream dreamt by just about every young woman on the planet. But how can she reconcile the stifling Spanish court ceremonial with her need for freedom and openness? It upsets her, for instance, when Felipe goes off on official travels without informing her, or when the court collects information on her. But as the love between Felipe and Letizia appears to weather every storm, Juan Carlos finally demands that Felipe break up with her. His son's reaction is swift and decisive: either he is allowed to marry Letizia or he abdicates.

And Letizia? Although her feelings for Felipe are genuine, she finds it difficult to accept the constant observation of her person and the restrictions imposed on her personal and professional life by the court. After many emotional upheavals and turbulent months, Letizia agrees to marry Felipe. Her charm had already won her the favor of Sofía; her intelligence and bearing now also conquer Juan Carlos... The Prince and his new Princess have overcome every obstacle and can now become man and wife.


  • Beta Film’s “Felipe and Letizia”: a dream-team soon to become King and Queen

    Munich, 2 June 2014.  With the breaking news of King Juan Carlos' abdication, Spain's favourite couple, Felipe and Letizia are about to inherit the throne.