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Flight 8714 - Takeoff to Disaster

Title: Flight 8714 - Takeoff to Disaster
Original title: Dossier Vuelo JK 5022
Format: two hours
Starring: Joaquim De Almeida
Cristina Brondo
Emma SUAREZ (Almodovar's JULIETA)
Carmelo Gomez
Lola Casamayor
Directed by: N.N.
Patricia Campo
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Flight 8714 - Takeoff to Disaster

Based on the true story of one of Spain's deadliest plane crashes

Madrid Airport. Flight 8714 is ready for takeoff. But at the last minute, the pilots abort the departure. A sensor reports excessive heat in an air intake, but this phenomenon has occurred repeatedly on this aircraft on the previous days. The plane returns to maintenance, the sensor is deactivated, the pilots aren't satisfied, but the pressure is on to leave, and the passengers are getting restless in the unbearable August heat beating down on the plane. Another takeoff is attempted. It is the plane's last.

154 of the plane's 172 passengers and crew die in the inferno, just off the runway. An investigative committee is immediately set up and headed by Javier Torres. Supporting him are his tireless assistant Olga, temperamental ex-pilot Martin, computer expert Emilio and fragile psychologist Victoria. The public, the press, the authorities all want answers as fast as possible. Why didn't the plane gain altitude? Torres and his team have to work against the clock to find conclusive evidence of the cause of the crash, but circumstances seem to conspire against them.

The black box, in particular, is damaged and requires Emilio's utmost meticulousness. When the decrypting process is too slow for the director of the U.S. aircraft manufacturer, he demands the black box, but Torres insists on keeping it in Madrid; he knows what is at stake for the company, and that manipulation is likely. Adding to the team's problems are a compromising outburst against the airport mechanics by Martin, and the growing awareness that the pilots might be to blame after all. Unfounded accusations must be avoided at all costs – but Torres and his team are practically forced to pin the blame on someone...