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Good Witch, Bad Witch

Title: Good Witch, Bad Witch
Original title: The Good Witch's Family
Format: two hours, HD
Starring: Catherine Bell (BRUCE ALMIGHTY, J.A.G, ARMY WIVES)
Sarah Power (WILD ROSES)
Hannah Endicott-Douglas
Matthew Knight
Directed by: Craig Pryce
Produced by: A Whizbang Films Production in association with Lee Distribution, Inc. in association with Beta
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Good Witch, Bad Witch

A family's black sheep. A little black magic. A challenge for the good witch!

No doubt about it, Cassie Nightingale leads a charmed life. She's blessed with a loving family – husband Jake and his kids Brandon and Lori – and has a special something that makes her utterly ... bewitching. When comes time to elect a new mayor of Middleton, Cassie is chosen by the citizens' association to become a candidate. The association is protesting the current mayor's plans to build a bridge to a neighboring town, which will destroy the natural beauty of Middleton.

Just when Cassie good-heartedly leaps into the political arena, an unexpected visitor arrives: Cassie's cousin Abigail, whom Cassie had never heard about – and whom she'll certainly never forget. For while Cassie spreads warmth and joy, Abigail leaves a trail of trouble and unrest wherever she goes. She befriends Lori, who then promptly ends up fighting with her brother over a boy. She flirts with Jake's partner, and causes Jake to be fired from the police force.

Cassie suspects that Abigail has magical talents, but is using them to cause mischief. And she's right: Abigail, who always felt neglected by Cassie and her family, wanted revenge. Cassie soon clears up this misunderstanding, and then brings the mayor of Middleton to reason. The town can sleep in peace again, knowing that its nature will not be destroyed – and that Cassie Nightingale will always be there to make sure that “magical” talents are always used for positive purposes!


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